The First Time We Talked to God

imageReading from Oswald Chambers devotional “My Utmost for His Highest” I felt challenged about my own prayer life. I have often communicated to my students that as my prayer life goes so does the rest of my spiritual life. In doing some self reflection I realized that my own prayer life is active, but only to the point of necessity. I pray daily for those that I love, daily for a select few that do not know Christ yet, daily for things I want or need, daily in thanks. All of these happen, my iPhone reminds for most of them, but they have become more of a chore than an opportunity to connect with my Father. My conviction is to engage prayer, from the text of Scripture, in order that I may better understand prayer so that I can truly enter into prayer and commune with God. So today I start with the first instance, in the Bible, of man talking to God…

Genesis 1 and 2 record the creation, God’s perfect design for the world. He caps it all off with the statement of “it was very good” (Genesis 1:31) and he rests. In the first two chapters I can find no direct communication from man to God–we do see God communicating with man directly, but I’m looking for our communication to God. Then the story moves to Genesis 3. Anyone familiar at all with the Bible knows what happens in Genesis 3, the Fall of Man (and the world). As I continued through the text I was amazed that I did not find man saying anything to God until this instance. The first recorded statement of mankind to Almighty God arrives in Genesis 3:10 and reads “I heard the sound of you in the garden, and I was afraid, because I was naked, and I hid myself.” REALLY?!?!?! Our first communication with God in the entirety of Scripture was an unintentional confession of sin! We can dive deeply into the theology of this, but in wading through the minutia of it all I feel there is a key idea that is present that we can all bring to our lives of prayer. In short, this first statement to God by mankind identifies that God is Holy and we are not. Adam immediately knew that something was off and he was in no place to commune with the Almighty.

We can argue that those in Christ are now forgiven, which I wholeheartedly believe, but we cannot ignore the state we were once in. So as we choose to approach God in prayer, let us not ever forget the wounded, wretched state we were once in. As we approach the Father we must be humble before Him, broken and weak. God may I remember the place you daily bring me from, may my connection with you be one that is centered on the joy and hope that I have because of the grace you have shown me. Thank you, thank you, thank you!


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